The robot is full of sensors which allow it to avoid obstacles such as chair legs, sofas or walls. In case the vacuum got stuck, it would switch off automatically in order to avoid an unnecessary waste of battery. With different movement patterns: straight, along the wall or in spiral. Thanks to the Never-fall technology, Rumbot ™ is able to avoid falling down the stairs or handrails, changing immediately of sense. It also includes remote control. CONTENTS: Vacuum robot Rumbot ™. Rechargeable battery. Charging base + A/C cable. Wireless remote control. Wireless shield. Instructions

MSRP 449 €



and Innovative

Leave the charging base in an accessible place and the robot will find it when it needs to charge its battery. Rumbot ™ has a rechargeable battery of 14.4V 1800 mAh Ni-MH with a battery range of about 60 minutes and a charging time of around 8 hours. If you do not want the robot to enter into a particular room or home cleaning, you just have to use its innovative shield. This shield emits a signal that will prevent the robot from going into that room. Put it in a corridor, in a threshold or in a room to prevent Rumbot ™ from going beyond them.

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